Angels and Opportunities – What a Concept!

One of the biggest challenges facing angel investors is access to good deals. One of the biggest challenges facing early stage companies is access to capital; another is access to experienced, strategic investors who bring more to the table than money. There’s no real mystery here – we need to go beyond ad hoc networking to connect angels to investment opportunities for their mutual benefit and for the benefit of the start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystems inIowaand beyond. We’ve known this for a long time, but now we’re finally doing something about it – enter “The Plains Angels.”

 The Plains Angels is the brainchild of Mike Colwell at the Greater Des Moines Partnership and will be led by Mike, Christian Renaudand Tej Dhawan with support from BrownWinick. It is not an investment fund, but rather a group of angel investors looking for a reliable and consistent source of high quality deals that have been vetted by experienced consultants. That’s the mission of The Plains Angels – to connect angels with opportunities.

This is not a new model – it’s proven successful in Omaha, Austin, Denver and elsewhere, and it will succeed in Iowa. And the beauty of it is, it need not and should not be limited to Iowa companies or Iowa angels. In fact, in order to develop the synergies and diversity of opportunity that we’re looking for, it’s essential that The Plains Angels cross pollinate and be cross pollinated by other like-minded groups.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the start-up/entrepreneurial and angel groups in Iowa and more broadly.  The Plains Angels is what we’ve needed for several years to put us over the top locally and make an impact regionally and nationally. This is going to be a lot of fun – join us for the ride!

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