We Need to Simplify, Not Complicate

Have you ever ready anything like this in a legal document:

  • “Know all men by these presents that . . .”; OR
  • “Now, therefore, the party of the first part does hereby covenant, acknowledge, agree and warrant to and for the benefit of the party of the second part, and the party of the second part has relied thereupon, that . . .”?

Did you wonder what in the world the document (or worse yet, the lawyer that prepared it) was trying to say, and why on earth they said it that way?  After all, the parties had, presumably reached some sort of agreement, and they didn’t think of it or phrase it like that.  By the way, the first language means almost nothing other than – we’re about to tell you what the parties’ agreement really is; and the second language means little more than, Party A has represented or promised certain things to Party B as part of the contract.

Legal documents need to simplify, not complicate.  In fact, we shouldn’t even call them “legal documents?”  They’re really business documents – their purpose is to memorialize the parties’ business agreement as clearly and simply as possible, so as to avoid misunderstandings and disputes and protect the parties from both a business and legal perspective.

At BizB4Law, we want your business objectives, relationships and agreements to determine the content of your business/legal documents.  We’ll advise and protect you from the legal side, but after all, it’s the business deals that drive the bottom line.

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